Preschool Program

Our programs are delivered in a orderly, well-organized classrooms with schedules that allow children to mature at their
own rate relative to their unique abilities and interests by participating in a variety of developmentally appropriate indoor
and outdoor, active and quiet, teacher-directed and child-initiated activities.
Children at this stage, are on accelerated track to acquire literacy and cognitive skills through a play-based thematic
curriculum. They are immersed in an abundance of hands-on, multi-sensory activities designed to advance their learning.
All subjects are covered so preschoolers experience language arts, science, math, social studies, health and physical
education. They participate in whole-group, teacher-directed, skills-building leaning experiences. Then they break out to
experience and further define those skills during independent, child-led learning station activities. All the while, quality
teachers are actively interacting with then to reinforce that learning acquired during whole group activities.

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